Decentralized Equal Opportunity Office

The Decentralized Equal Opportunity Representatives are the contact persons for all ideas, problems and matters concerning equal opportunities at the faculty. They have the task to comment on the target agreements, to participate in committee meetings and appointment commissions.

According to the Ruhr University's development plan, "equality" is about "equal opportunities between women and men". And for RUB this is a central criterion of university development and is designed as a cross-sectional task. The work of the RUB's central Equal Opportunities Representatives is supported by other decentralized Equal Opportunities Representatives in each of the 20 faculties. Elected by the Faculty Council, they are the official representatives of female professors, scientific staff, technical and administrative staff, and all female students.


Decentralized Equal Opportunity Representatives

Britta Schösser

Dr.-Ing. Britta Schößer

Group of Scientific Employees

Room: IC 6/125
Tel.: 32-26313


Martina Flörke

Prof.'in Dr.-Ing. Martina Flörke

Group of Professors

Room: IC 4/185
Tel.: 32-24693


Icon Mitarbeiter

Yvonne Böck

Group of Female Employees of Technology and Administration

Room: IAN 02/14
Tel.: 32-21220


Icon Mitarbeiter

Kiara Stein

Group of Students


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