Doctoral Studies

After graduation, the PhD is the next qualification level and the basis for a scientific career. It requires scientific curiosity and fun with challenging questions. The final step is the independent preparation of a scientific paper (dissertation) and an oral examination (lecture and disputation). The basis for the doctoral procedure outlined below are the doctoral regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the Dean's Office.

General Information

Acceptance as Doctoral Candidate
The application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate (§6 Doctoral Regulations) must be submitted in writing to the chairperson of the doctoral committee and should be made at the beginning of the doctoral project. The doctoral committee decides on the acceptance (dates can be found here). The application forms can be found below in the download area.

After the meeting of the doctoral committee, you will receive a written confirmation of acceptance and, if applicable, a note of additional examinations that must be taken before admission to the doctoral program. With this confirmation, you will then enroll as a doctoral student.

Admission to the Doctoral Procedure
The application for admission to the doctoral procedure must be submitted in writing with complete documentation to the chairperson of the Doctoral Committee and must be received by the Dean's Office no later than 8 days before the meeting (for dates see here). The application forms can be found below in the download area.

Opening and Continuation of the Doctoral Procedure
The Doctoral Committee decides on the basis of the submitted documents about the admission to the doctorate, the opening of the procedure and the composition of the doctoral committee (§9 Doctoral Regulations).

Oral Exam
If the dissertation is accepted, the Doctoral Committee sets the date of the oral examination (§13 Doctoral Regulations). Immediately after completion of the oral examination (lecture and disputation), the doctoral committee evaluates the oral examination and the dissertation.

Publication of the Dissertation
Within one year after the oral examination, the doctoral candidate must deliver the deposit copies (§16 Doctoral Regulations) for the university library and the faculty library (5 copies in total). Further information can be found here.

Doctoral Certificate
Nach erfolgter Abgabe der Pflichtexemplare kann ein Termin zur Übergabe der Promotionsurkunde (§17 Promotionsordnung) im Dekanat vereinbart werden.



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