10/26/2020 The first physical meeting of the working group "Systems and concepts of production"

  1. took place on 7th of October 2020 in Chemnitz. Thanks to the organization of Prof. Gelbrich and her team, we were able to have a lively exchange under strict hygiene measures. Besides the presentations of the current status of the single subprojects, a common glossary was approved and the subprojects were structured with respect to their technical and scientific content. The participants were divided into a production-oriented and a structural component-oriented group in which technical discussions and common (sub-) goals were defined. At the end of the meeting, the production of fresh-in-fresh concrete facade elements by means of concrete spraying and concrete printing was demonstrated.

08/04/2020 The meeting of the working group "Digital Models" took place on August 4th 2020 as a video conference. Essential contents were the joint developments of goals and tasks of the group. Therefore, the participants used a digital whiteboard on which everyone could work on goals and necessary methods simultaneously. Afterwards, acquired synergies and topic areas were brought together and were assigned to the different projects. The meeting was framed by a presentation of Dr.-Ing. Mario Wolf (Digital Engineering Chair, Ruhr University Bochum) on the topic "The administrative shell in the reference architecture model Industry 4.0".

07/07/2020 The working group "Systems and concepts of production" met in a web conference on July 7th 2020 to discuss its internal organization and its interfaces with the other working groups. The main toppics of the meeting were the thematic structuring of the working group as well as the interaction between the subprojects. In addition, a glossary for unified definitions of terms is being compiled by all participants, which will be successively expanded. In future regular online meetings, problems of individual sub-projects will be discussed on the basis of short impulse lectures.

07/02/2020 On July 2nd 2020, a web meeting of the working group "Design and detailing" took place. The meeting was opened by a keynote lecture given by Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.Arch. Lucio Blandini (Werner Sobek AG) on the topic "Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 - Design and construction". He explained the realization of the shell structure of the newly built Airport Terminal 2 in Kuwait to the researchers. Among other things, it consists of a total of approx. 37,000 hybrid, adaptive steel-concrete modules. The presentation was well received by the participants and linked to the topics of the working group. In the working group the common goals and interfaces were discussed both within and between the other working groups. In short presentations of the projects, first synergies and suggestions for possible interactions were identified.

03/20/2018 The German Research Foundation (DFG) is setting up 14 new priority programmes for 2019. One of these interdisciplinary programmes was initiated by Professors Peter Mark (RUB, Koordinator), Albert Albers (KIT), Markus König (RUB), Gisela Lanza (KIT) und Daniel Lordick (TU Dresden) and is entitled „Adaptive modularized constructions made in flux“.Presse release RUB, Press release DFG, Architekturblatt.